Shenouda Mikhael






Sidi-Beshr, Elmontazaa District, 21613

Date of Birth:

March 24th, 1990


Shenouda Mikhael is an esteemed Software Developer, specializing in Python Flask, Node.js, and Flutter technologies, and proudly known for his personal brand "The Dreamcatcher." With an unyielding passion for technology and an unwavering vision, Shenouda aspires to transition from software development to the enchanting realm of game development, specifically focusing on Unity 3D.

Throughout his journey, Shenouda has carved a path of remarkable achievements that reflect his dedication to mastering various domains of the tech world. In 2019, he achieved the prestigious Full Stack Developer Nanodegree from Udacity, establishing his expertise in both front-end and back-end web development. This comprehensive training fortified his programming skills and laid a strong foundation for future endeavors.

In 2022, Shenouda reached a significant milestone by obtaining the title of Unity Junior Programmer. This accomplishment celebrated his profound knowledge of the Unitygame engine, marking the beginning of his immersive journey into game development.With this newfound expertise, he sought to captivate players' hearts and minds by crafting interactive and mesmerizing game experiences.

Fueling his passion for data-driven insights, Shenouda delved into the world of advanced data analysis through the Udacity Advanced Data Analysis program in the same year. This pursuit not only honed his analytical abilities but also bolstered his capacity to create intelligent and engaging gaming experiences that resonate with diverse audiences.

As a visionary Software Developer and aspiring Unity 3D game developer, Shenouda Mikhael continually embraces challenges as stepping stones towards his dream. He envisions a future where his enchanting creations will transport players into magical worlds, bridging the gap between dreams and reality, one pixel at a time.

  • IMP - Software Developer


    Developed and maintained software solutions for clients in various industries, including healthcare, social Media using Python, Flutter, and Node.js to create scalable and efficient applications.

  • Planet X - Software Developer


    Responsible for developing, debugging/testing and publishing Cross-Platform solutions using Xamarin with visual studio in addition to other Microsoft platforms like web-based applications

  • Planet X - System Administrator


    Responsible for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of software and hardware, management of network servers and technology tools, user account setup, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, security enforcement, system upgrades, staff training in new technologies, and creation of an internal wiki for technical documentation and IT policies.

  • Unity Learn - Unity Junior Programmer

    April - 2023

    Studied the Unity Junior Programmer Pathway validates skills and competencies to be a proficient junior programmer writing scripts in C# to create interactive experiences with the Unity Editor.

  • Udacity - Advanced Data Analysis

    May - 2022

    Studied Descriptive Statistics,Probability and Experimentation using Python

  • Udacity - Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree

    Sep - 2019

    Studied Flask with Python, along with HTML/CSS in addition to Git, Apache, MySQL and deploying to host.


Python - Advanced

HTML/CSS - Proficient

Flutter - Advanced

JavaScript - Proficient

Node.js - Proficient

MySQL - Proficient


Web Development

Developed and maintained web applications using Python and Node.js. Experienced in front-end development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Mobile App Development

Created and maintained mobile applications using Flutter. Experienced in both iOS and Android development.

Software Engineering

Designed and developed software solutions using Python and Node.js. Experienced in full-stack development and database design.


EduRevive APP

EduRevive App aims to overcome the low quality of educational curriculum in national schools of egypt.


Shenouda Mikhael





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